Audio Production

kf750FOH Speakers – EAW KF750/KF755
The KF750F is designed to create arrays with optimized coverage in both the horizontal and vertical planes to cover audience areas ranging from 200 to 80,000 people. KF750F arrays are smaller, lighter, more efficient and therefore more powerful than those built with other systems. These smaller, lighter arrays are easier to fly, require less truck space and permit more open sight lines to cover any given venue.


FOH Subwoofers – TCS Audio 2800
The TCS2800 is a dedicated subwoofer loudspeaker system ideally suited for near to far throw applications. It can be easily stacked to create accurate subwoofer arrays for awesome chest pounding lows. The TCS2800 features two Compound Planar loaded 18″ woofers for maximum low frequency response while maintaining a small frontal footprint. More cabs, more bass!

D1_32x DiGiCo D1 Live Digital Console (FOH & Monitors)
The D1 Live provides simultaneous processing of 64 mono/stereo channels and can be expanded up to 160 channels, in any combination of mono/stereo with full access to 224 inputs and 224 outputs. Each channel provides full routing from the remote mic pre amps, 240mS delay, Hi and Low pass filters, 4 fully parametric EQs and dynamics with side chain filtering.

digirack_1DiGiCo DiGiRack – 9RU
Classic Audio’s DiGiCo DiGiRack is configured with 56 inputs and 24 outputs. With redundant 100 metre core, the DiGiCo D1 can be positioned as required with minimal limitations. A second DiGiCo MiNi-DiGiRack configured with 8 inputs and 8 outputs is stationed at the FOH Console for Effects, Audio Inputs and other devices as required.

FOH Power Amps
Crown ITech Power Amps
Crown XS Power Amps
Crown XTI Power Amps
Lab Gruppen FP Power Amps
The total FOH Power is approximately 33 kilowatts.

15SLP Claire Bros Wedges.
Crown XLS Power Amps
QSC CX Power Amps
BSS Varicurve FCS-926 Parametric Equalisers
BSS FDS-360 Crossovers
1 x BSS Varicurve FPC-900 (auto EQ)
The total STAGE Power is approximately 5 kilowatts.